Last call – desperate dog circles kennel trying to escape his fate

The last call has been issued for a desperate dog who circles his kennel run, trying to escape his fate. The dog, a mixed breed dubbed Biggie, was picked up as a stray on the outskirts of a small Texas town. Apparently this “stray” has a microchip which led to his owners – but their response to his plight is nothing less than heartbreaking.

In a Facebook post made on Biggie’s behalf, the truth about his current situation is revealed:

His owners were found with a microchip and do not want him back, “they gave him away.” This is how easy he become homeless. Did they care he is going to die? No. Not their problem anymore.

Biggie was allowed to roam…Biggie was picked up and hauled away to “doggie jail,” and now, he is utterly alone because his family rejected him. Biggie seems to know his fate…he appears to realize that he must get out of the kennel if he is to survive.

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