Leave Your Pets Tied Up And Unattended Outside During Extreme Weather, Pay A $500 Fine!

Cold weather is coming! Please be kind and don’t tie up your animals outside and then leave them there – would you like to sleep on the cold ground covered in snow? Officers from Montgomery County Animal Services in Rockville, MD, will be enforcing the ordinance that prohibits animals from being tied up and left outside during extreme weather.

The Director of the Montgomery County Animal Services, Thomas Koenig, said that the ordinance goes into effect during periods of wind and heavy snow and/or extreme cold. The Montgomery County Police Animal Services officers are asking citizens to bring their pets indoors. Even if the animal is accustomed to living outside, they can be susceptible to some hazards of cold weather.

This is eye-opening


Livestock should be given a place to get out of the wind, and they should have dry bedding to prevent frostbite. I think it is sad that people have to be told to do this for their animals. Share away, people.

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