Left Home Alone, The Dogs Take It Upon Themselves To Decorate For Christmas

Originally uploaded in 2008 and closing in on 15 million views, “A Doggy Christmas Surprise” is a holiday classic that needs to be seen by all. And when you see it once, you’ll add it to your annual Christmas playlist. It’s that good! 🙂

The dogs are left home alone, and they take it upon themselves to get the house ready for Christmas. As soon as the door closes, they get to work rolling up the rugs and retrieving the decorations!

They all help by placing ornaments on the tree with a few of them focusing on the garland. They even get the ladder out so they can reach the very top! These dogs are extremely talented and very good at this whole holiday thing! 😉

Next up, it’s time to place all of the gifts under the tree. By the end, all of the dogs are exhausted from their hard work. But mom and dad are in for a big surprise when they return home!

Who would’ve thought leaving the dogs home alone at Christmas could result in this? The Mirror Method Performance Team knocked it out of the park with this video! See it in full below and give your holiday spirit a boost. 🙂

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