Left Outside Alone With A Tight Collar Digging Into His Neck, This Dog Has Never Been Cared For

This poor dog was kept outside for all of his life and was wearing a puppy collar. The problem is, he is not a puppy, so the collar became much too tight and was digging into his neck. This caused him to get a painful, open wound.

His owners left him out there and never checked on him. He was all alone and in so much pain. When rescuers came for him, he was so happy and relieved to finally be saved from all of the horrible neglect he’s suffered through for so long.

They brought him to the clinic where they cut that tiny collar off his neck. The collar was way too small for a dog his size; he should have been wearing a much larger one. Vets treated his neck wounds for four weeks and then he had surgery.

He’s recovering great and now his wound is healed and closed for good! He is a very happy dog with a lot of energy and loves to play with his new doggy friends. He is definitely making up for lost time!

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