Let Bella’s Story Inspire You To Look At Disabilities A Little Differently

Bella is a special needs dog with a special story. She broke both of her elbows due to an injury that never healed properly in the first place. Many people were rooting for Bella from the start. They saw a spark in her that didn’t slow her down, even if she looked more like a penguin than a Pug.

Luckily, she inspired her new human, Wendy, to make room in her heart for a special needs dog like Bella. Wendy began to foster her but then couldn’t resist Bella’s strength and love and decided to adopt her. An inspiring dog like this deserves the best home pawssible and I believe she found that with Wendy.

While there are challenges, Bella still keeps has an upbeat personality. She takes each day as a blessing and you can see that in her infectious doggy smile. Life is beautiful, even if it has a unique view… right? Aren’t special needs animals wonderful? Please consider opening your home to a pet like Bella.

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