A Letter To My Puppy In Heaven

Our 9-month-old puppy died today from a degenerative brain disease. Last Saturday, knowing the end was near, I collaborated with Portland Florist, Francoise Weeks to create this peaceful, woodland scene. Some of our best memories with Kolohe were hiking through the woods. I don’t know what puppy heaven looks like, but I hope it feels like this woodland daydream.

I created this photo series to personally cope with the devastating loss of having to say goodbye to our beloved Kolohe too soon. I share it to comfort those who also have to say goodbye to their four-legged best friend. It’s never enough time.

Below you will find a letter to our sweet pup.

You were born the same week Michael and I were married. We’d been looking forward to your arrival for what seemed like forever. Here are a few things I never told you.

I was nervous about getting a husky, because I knew how much exercise you needed and wondered if I could live up to the task.

You turned me into a runner and it became the best bonding experience. I planned my week around the days I could take you to the dog park. Seeing you wrestle and chase all your doggie friends became the highlight of my week.

I was nervous when we found out you’d be a wooly-coated husky, because I’d be vacuuming behind your every step.

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