Liberty will get new legs after hers were intentionally cut off

The video (link here, warning: explicit, upsetting, disturbing) of where animal activist Marc Ching discovered Liberty is appalling.

He was working undercover at a slaughterhouse in Cambodia, where her paws had been cut off for meat.

The founder of the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation told ABC7 News, “There’s this belief in Asia that if you torture the dog the meat tastes better.”


Ching rescued Liberty last spring and is now raising her with his other dogs in California. She’s taking steps toward healing, and is about to be able to take even more.

Derrick Campana, President and CEO of Animal OrthoCare in Sterling, VA, recently casted and fitted Liberty for prosthetic legs. It’s a process that can take up to two weeks, but this special dog will only have to wait a day.


Though prosthetics like Liberty’s can cost more than $5,000, Liberty’ will cost less. A fund for needy animals will help cover much of the expense.

“We’re trying to preserve her health and keep her mobility and keep her quality of life as high as possible through the rest of her years,” said Campana.

The new legs will better align Liberty’s spine, allowing her to walk and run freely. “It’s going to be great for her; we are excited,” Ching said.

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