Life Changed Dramatically For A Blind And Deaf Pink Puppy When He Found A Forever Home

Piglet is the happiest dog now, but that wasn’t always the case. The puppy was rescued from a hoarding situation, and he’s blind and deaf as the result of bad breeding. He was scared and confused and would scream all the time. But his life was about to change dramatically.

The pink puppy was moved to a foster home where he learned the ins and outs of life. He finally stopped screaming and overcame his disabilities in the best way. He even started to be able to see dark objects in his left eye!

This place ended up failing as a foster because it ended up as his forever home! The family loved Piglet so much they couldn’t give him up. After his transformation in life, this was clearly where he was supposed to be.

Piglet is a completely different dog now, and it just shows the tremendous difference love can make in one’s life. Be sure to pass this feel-good story on to your friends. 🙂

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