Life For Jin After Her Rescue From A Dog Meat Farm Is Happy And Free

The Humane Society of the United States performed a raid on a dog meat farm in South Korea in which they rescued around 170 dogs who were living in tiny metal cages in the worst conditions imaginable. They took all of the dogs in and shut the farm down for good! And one of the dogs given a second chance at life was Jin.

Jin’s journey from a dog at a meat farm to an amazing new life is one full of love along the way. And today, she knows all about that life on the other side of that cage as she runs and plays happily in her forever family’s big open space!

Jin’s new family is helping her to make up for lost time and live life to the fullest. She even has a dog sister named Dora! Jin has learned this is what life’s all about — family, freedom, and love.

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