“Like A Pit” Video and Photoshoot Aims to Dispel Breed Propaganda

The amazing folks at Dogly, the photo sharing app that allows user to use photos of their dogs to give money to shelters and rescue organizations, put together an amazing video about the true nature of pit bulls featuring user-generated footage from app users.

The video is an attempt to strike out stereotypes associated with pit bull type dogs, who are the most widely and negatively stereotyped dogs and at the same time among the sweetest and most loved.

Users of Dogly upload their dog-centric images and chose their favorite rescue or shelter to benefit from their “loves.” Every time an image gets a “love,” that “love” is added the rescue or shelter’s “love” count. At the end of each month, Dogly gives the organization with the most “loves” $1,000. It’s free for users and shelters to sign up – so what are you waiting for?

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