Lindsey Vonn’s Dog Makes For Olympic-Sized Laughs On Social Media

Lindsey Vonn had a challenging trip this week to the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Celebrity athletes have harrowing travel stories, too. And a 24-hour travel saga can be quite exhausting. But at least the Olympic skier found lots to laugh about after traveling to South Korea with her dog, Lucy, in tow.

Vonn’s plane had been delayed, stretching the planned 14-hour trip to a long, drawn-out 24 hours, and she kept her followers in the loop, tweeting as she went.

Lucy, of course, kept her company. And when one follow inquired about how the dog fared during air travel, the proud dog mom bragged on Lucy’s chill nature while jet-setting and globe trotting.

“Oh, she’s been asleep this whole time,” Vonn tweeted. “Never barks or whines. She’s happy when she’s traveling, it’s pretty awesome.”

The fun began to happen later, however, when a photo of Vonn and Lucy began to circulate. In it, Lucy looks anything but chill. Vonn responded in kind.

After that, however, Team USA stepped in and made Lucy even more famous than she already is, hilariously so.

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