Lion cub discovered in Lamborghini at Paris’ tourist attraction

A French animal protection organization is caring for a lion cub found by police in a Lamborghini in Paris at the Champs-Elysees Boulevard. It is suspected someone wanted to sell the cub for profit.

When the rented Lamborghini was stopped by police, the driver had been taking photos with the cub with the man insisting to authorities, the animal was “just a cat.” Paris officials this kind of action has become a disturbing new trend – fancy car rentals and exotic animals in photos.

According to the 30Million Friends, this little cub is the third rescued in just one month. Tragically, these exotics are being sold illegally for less than the price of a puppy.

“Called Putin but nicknamed Dadou, the cat is less than 2 months old. Placed in a safe place for the night by the Foundation 30 Million Friends who took care of it, the animal is well, even if the veterinary examination found a ”  general weakening, a problem of mobility of the rear train, a difficulty in one of the hind legs and a sectioning of the tail “.

The agency has filed a complaint against the driver of the rented vehicle, and that person was taken into custody.

The cub will remain in quarantine at a wildlife sanctuary and will later join two other rescued cubs.

(Photos via Facebook Fondation 30 Million d’Amis via AP)

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