Little Batman Was So Scared And Skeptical Just Moments Before Falling Asleep On Rescuer’s Lap

Hope For Paws received word about a homeless dog who’d been on the streets for weeks. They arrived and found the little black dog hiding underneath a black car. Rescuers quickly surrounded the vehicle with fencing so the dog couldn’t escape.

Little Batman wanted nothing to do with anyone and showed his teeth in anger and fear. He had no idea these people were there to help him. They were able to slip the gentle snare around the dog’s neck and lead him out from under the car.

The dog was hesitant and skeptical at first, but then he started to relax and allowed rescuers to pet him. It was the first time he felt love in who knows how long. Once they got him back to the Hope For Paws vehicle, the sweet dog fell right asleep on the rescuer’s lap.

Batman was just so happy to feel safe. Back at the facilities, he cooperated as he received some medical care. And it wasn’t long after that when H.E.L.P. (Home For Every Living Pet) was able to find the dog a loving forever home!

Just look at Batman today in his amazing happy home! This just goes to show that even superheroes need a helping hand once in a while. 🙂

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