Little Bird Falls Out Of Her Nest And Injures Her Wings. Now Keep An Eye On Her Mama! OMG!

The Isle of Sheppey is located off the northern coast of Kent, England. On July 6, 2016, Rusty, the boxer was outside playing in his garden when a little bird fell out of her nest. Jurgita Peciulaityte, Rusty’s human mom, took the bird in and with Rusty’s help, nursed her back to health.

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Birdie, the little chicks new name, had injured her wings when she fell. Rusty let her ride on his back while she recovered! Jurgita, 34, posted the videos of Rusty and Birdie and were an instant hit!

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Who knew a boxer and a bird could be BFFs? Rusty has taken good care of his new little friend, and even dotes on Birdie as if she was his own! Jurgita says that Birdie is able to fly now and has a temporary indoor nest.


Rusty has his own Facebook page – check it out for more videos and photos! Share away, people.

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