A Little Bit of Hilarious for Your Sunday Evening Viewing Pleasure!

We have three special videos for your viewing pleasure this evening. Enjoy! We sure did!

This first one seems like a good idea, whit the unseasonably hot weather some areas of the world are already getting! It’s only June, 18th, and Buffalo, New York, a place known for PILES of snow has already had days in the 80-degree range! Global warming, anyone? 😉


Our second video reminds us that it is very important to groom, and maintain those doggy-claws! How about you? When it comes time to trim our dog’s nails, they going running for the hills! This dog seems to be digging it the most!


EARS!!!!!!  Check out the size of these guys over here!  Holy smokes!  Do those things pick up AM and FM radio, too!


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