Little Dog Fakes A Limp When She Wants Some More Attention

Chewie was rescued from a life spent locked up in a cage at a puppy mill. And the six-year-old pup didn’t know how to act like a normal dog. She was afraid of everything when first adopted and still gets scared at times. Her new family has helped her break out of her shell a bit and build some confidence, but she can get a little jealous from time to time.

When one of the family member’s dogs, Willa, is over, Chewie gets pretty protective and jealous. If Grandma is paying too much attention to Willa, Chewie won’t have it. So the little girl came up with an idea one day to try to get all eyes focused back on her; she would fake a limp.

She’s now done this many times and is actually perfectly okay physically. When Willa goes back home, Chewie’s limp magically disappears! The little dramatic act is so cute and so smart! She had such a rough start to life, she just wants all the love and attention she can get.

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