Little Dog’s ‘Box Of Misery’ Became A Symbol Of Hope

It’s baffling to dog lovers how anyone can be cruel to them. They’re such beautiful and innocent creatures who are willing to love just about anyone. Most dogs are even loyal to the people who aren’t kind to them because of their forgiving nature. One such dog was callously placed inside a box and left in a field. Thankfully, a kind woman found him before it was too late. The pup was in terrible condition. He had a badly inflamed eye and was too weak and traumatized to move.

The woman brought him to the emergency vet, where he had a full exam. She decided to name the puppy-warrior Alberto. She adored him immediately. The vet said he had a parasite in his eye, which was removed, and the inflammation improved immediately. The dog perked up once he felt confident in his recovery and in the kindness of the humans around him.

The pup was brought back to the woman’s house and he continued to recover with hearty meals, a warm place to sleep, and loads of affection. He amazed his rescuer with his sweet nature. Despite his cruel abandonment, the dog was completely smitten with his new human friends.

The woman’s heart leapt when Alberto’s recovery was complete. He did his first ‘zoomies’ and everyone who witnessed it was so joyful that they began to cry happy tears. We are so incredibly grateful for this rescue. Say goodbye to that tragic box and a life of misery forever, Alberto. Here’s to many years of love of smiles!

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