This Little Frenchie Really, Really, Really Loves to Eat

Meet Bluenjy (pronounced Blue N G). This little French bulldog is a male model, social media guru, and therapy dog in training. There’s one thing Bluenjy definitely isn’t though— a food snob!

Bluenjy loves eating anything you give him, and will eat off a fork or use his paws like little hands in a completely adorable way. His mom loves to share videos of Bluenjy enoying delicious snacks, and watching them will definitely put a smile on your face.

What’s up, Doc?

Those sounds though 🐰🥕🐰🥕🐨🥕🐘

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Life’s a peach

Bath time is always a peach 🍑

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Lettuce eat

Corny but good

Minty fresh

Mint leaves 🍃 I love you 💚

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Celery would be better with some peanut butter TBH

After a hard day of work…ready for my main course 🍽

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I’m Godzilla eating trees

Watermelon in my PJs

Peppers delight

V. 🌶 ______________________________________________ Hoodie @frenchiestore

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