Little Girl Comes Up With Clever Excuse To Defend Her Guilty Gentle Giant

Kids and dogs are best friends for life and partners in crime. And if one is in any kind of trouble, the other will certainly be there to stick up for their companion. It’s what friends are for.

In the video below, Mom accuses their gentle giant of tearing up a pillow. But the little girl, Sierra, isn’t so sure and sticks up for her dog by coming up with an adorably clever alibi.

“Did you see him do it? Then how could you know it was him?” Sierra skillfully asks her mother.

Mom counters with, “Who else would’ve done it?” But the little girl is ready for that too.

“Maybe it was a bird. Or maybe it was a squirrel!” Sierra cleverly states. Mom turns to the guilty dog and says, “You are so lucky you have an attorney!”

This girl has her dog’s back no matter what, and it’s super adorable. 🙂

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