Little Girl Looks Into The Eyes Of A Dog Who’d Given Up, And Hope Is Restored

Rescue From The Hart took in a dog who’d been starved and was severely emaciated. She was on the verge of death, and multiple organs were shutting down. The dog couldn’t stand on her own and needed a miracle to survive.

They named her Angel and made a promise that they would never give up on her. Her life of neglect and abuse was now behind her, but there was a battle ahead. When the poor girl’s treatment didn’t work, they turned to love.

Caretakers and volunteers would come make Angel feel loved and tell her how cherished she is. This hope seemed to give her the will to go on when at times it seemed as if she had given up. She started eating little bits of food and soon got some of her strength back.

After months of TLC, Angel had completely recovered and broken out of her shell. She’s basically a brand new dog in every way living the best life in her new forever home! Sometimes all it takes is a little love. 🙂

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