Little Girl Yells That She’s Ready, And That’s When The Game Of Hide-And-Seek Begins

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a little girl and her dog, and Sierra and Sebastien the Newfoundland are too adorable together. The slobbery gentle giant and his human sister have a special connection and do things you’d think would be impossible with a dog!

Have you ever seen a dog participate in a game of Hide-and-Seek? Because that’s exactly what’s happening here! Sierra goes and hides while mom occupies the dog. Once Sierra is ready, she yells it out. Let the searching begin!

Sebastien immediately gets to work when he hears the little girl announce, “I’m ready!” The Newfoundland goes out back and checks around the pool area first. Mom tells Sierra not to make any noise and to let Sebastien try and find her.

After a minute of looking around, Sebastien heads over to the funny looking bump on the outdoor furniture. He found her! The Newfoundland proceeds to give Sierra lots of kisses and is thrilled to have her back. 🙂

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