A Little Hero Dog Died, Then 2 Marines Grab His Tiny Casket And Bring Him Home

Anyone who knows someone in the Marines will easily agree that they’re some of the most incredible people on Earth.

Not only are these men and women incredibly brave, but they’ll do everything they can to try to help their neighbors and friends.

But when you think of what a member of the Marine Corps looks like, very rarely does your mind paint a picture of a four-legged furry dog running in the middle of a battle zone. This dog named Rico is incredible and brave, and is willing to do everything he can to help his friends!


Rico was a dog that served two full tours in Afghanistan. He survived over 30 firefights with terrorists and did everything he could to make sure his wartime partner, Marine Staff Sgt. Russ Beckley Jr., always remained safe and sound.

After the duo came home from war, Rico stayed with the family, but after 12 long and love-filled years, it became clear that as brave and powerful as Rico was, his body was slowly getting older and slower. It was time for Rico to pass on to the next world.

Beckley and his fellow Marine father dressed in their blues and gave Rico a proper burial deserving of a true hero. Dozens of people came to the funeral, and as Beckley began his farewell speech, he somehow managed to keep himself from breaking down into tears.

Rico might be gone from Earth, but he’ll never be forgotten for his love and service to our country. Thank you, Rico!

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