Little Puppy Plays Tug Of War With The Big Dogs

There are few things cuter than a tiny dog and a big dog playing together in harmony. Ironically, it’s often the smaller pups who charge most energetically at their larger counterparts, hilariously thinking they are basically the same size.

In the video below, we meet a super cute pair of playful of Rottweilers who’ve found themselves a rope toy! Only one problem…the toy is at least double the size of the smallest dog, a tiny but feisty puppy who is ready to go up against the big guys.

The larger dog’s reaction is absolutely priceless. He sort of just lets the little pup have his fun for a while, then gently plays back. So cute! Enjoy:

So stinkin’ cute! Do you have a larger dog and a smaller dog? How do they typically interact? Share your thoughts below!

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