Living In A Hospital Parking Lot, This Pup Need A Hero She Could Trust!

Oakley was living in a hospital parking lot when a nurse spotted her. The nurse called Hope for Paws in hopes that they could rescue this cute little stray. Hope for Paws did what they always do, they sent out a rescuer to Oakley’s last known location.

During the day, Eldad couldn’t get anywhere near Oakley. So he decided to try rescuing Oakley at night when she was calmer. Eldad felt that the best way to approach Oakley was from behind. So being as quiet as he could, Eldad went up to Oakley and slipped a leash around her neck before she even noticed that he was there. Sounds like an easy rescue, right? Wrong! Oh, so very wrong. Oakley did not like being snuck up on and she most certainly didn’t like the leash around her neck, so she did the only thing she could… she ran. With a tight grip on the leash, Eldad ran with her. While Oakley was barking up a storm and Eldad was trying to soothe her with words of reassurance, the two ran around the mostly deserted parking lot. It took a few rounds, but Eldad was finally able to calm Oakley down.

Eventually, Eldad was able to carry Oakley away from the parking lot and bring her to the Hope for Paws facility. Once there, Oakley was given the bath that she had desperately needed. While living on the streets, her fur had become grayish in color. The magic of a good bath helped turn her fur white once more. After being cleaned, Eldad brought Oakely into his own home where he gave her the attention she needed and taught her how to trust again! Now, all Oakley needs is to find a forever home where she can live a happy and healthy life.

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