LOL, what a Stubborn Dog!

There is hardly anything funnier than a funny dog, but the one in this video really brings the game to the next level. This dog is so overwhelmingly cute and hilarious that you absolutely have to check this video out! It’s one of the best dog related video I’ve seen in a while, and I’m sure you are going to love it too!

This video shows an adorable, funny dog who refuses to get in his crate. His human friends and one of his best four-legged buddies are trying to make him get inside, but he just doesn’t want it! It looks like this beautiful pup would like to have some more fun and sitting in a crate just not the option for him.

So, when his young human friend tries to pull him by the collar and make him move, this sweet pup turns on his back and plays dead, while his best buddy runs into the crate instead of him! LOL!

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