Lonely Dog Makes Hospital His New Home

Three months ago, Pirata (Spanish for pirate) and his owner arrived at San Antonio de Padua Hospital in Río Cuarto, Argentina. The dog’s owner went in for surgery and sadly passed away, his dog never left the hospital and now roams the halls, hoping to meet again with his human and best friend.


Hospital workers don’t know the dog’s real name, but they dubbed him Pirata because no matter how hard they try to keep the dog outside hospital walls, the pooch re-enters the health center and visits the last place he saw his owner alive, room 404.

According to a local newspaper, when the pet owner died the hospital’s staff wanted the dog gone. However their feelings towards the pet changed when they realized how loyal the dog was. Now, Pirata is loved by all staff members and has been officially adopted as the hospital’s mascot.


Doctors and nurses know all Pirata wants is love and companionship, and with no owner to claim or love the dog, the only ones left to show him affection are hospital staff, patients and visitors.


The dog comes and goes as he pleases, he greets everyone and at time is even seen keeping other patients and visitors company. No one really knows where to find the dog during the day, but at night they can always find Pirata comfortably sleeping outside room 404.

Pirata, we are deeply sorry for your loss. It is comforting to know that during the most difficult time of your life, you’ve found new friends who have welcomed you with open arms.

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