Lonely Stray Dog Steals A Book On Abandonment In Viral Video

College students at Feevale University, in Brazil, did not pay much attention to a lonely stray dog until he snatched a book. The book he stole was so fitting to his current life that the video went viral.

The lonely pup is seen sleeping outside the college bookstore. After his nap, he enters the store unseen and peruses for the right book. Once he has found the book that tells the story of his life, he grabs it and heads for the door. He looks left, then right, and casually escapes like a professional burglar.

He makes it out of the bookstore, only to be stopped by a student. The student returns the book, but not before looking at the title, The Days of Abandonment.

The security cameras caught the whole incident. Once posted on social media, it quickly went viral, with over 890,000 views.

The stray dog started a new chapter in his life, thanks to a local animal rescue group. He went to the local vet, where he received a bath and vaccinations. The dog is now on a new adventure that does not include loneliness. He is currently in a foster home, waiting for his forever home.

We hope he gets his happy ending. With his fame and adorable smile, it will not be long before he finds a home.

Watch the sweet burglar below.


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