Longest Shelter Resident Wants Nothing More Than A New Home

Shelter staff and volunteers at Broome County Dog Shelter in Binghamton, New York see hundreds of dogs to new homes every year. They love each four-legged resident that comes through the door, but there’s one pooch that stands out. Mallory arrived at the shelter in May 2017 after being found wandering through a local trailer park. She had no apparent owners, but rescuers saw something special with her sweet personality.


Mallory is mostly blind, but a degenerative retina disease isn’t her most noticeable characteristic. There’s no knowing how the four-year-old Pit Bull mix spent her first few years of life, but she knows exactly what she wants to do with the rest of her time. Even though she can’t see the friends she makes, Mallory loves people. She would spend every day playing and cuddling if someone would give her the chance. Shelter volunteer Laura Montelione told Fox 40 News,

“She loves to cuddle and to snuggle and just be around people. I’ve met a lot of dogs, and she’s something special.”

Mallory has captured the hearts of everyone who works at the shelter. She’s described as being “goofy,” and videos and pictures posted on the shelter’s Facebook page show a fun-loving dog that doesn’t let her blindness get in the way. She only sees shadows, but she knows how to run, jump, and play despite her disability.

For months, shelter staff has been hoping to send Mallory home. When Christmas came around, they sent out a special holiday card featuring her picture. Christmas came and went with no new family, so they made a special plea for Mallory to be the first dog adopted in the new year. It’s now a few weeks into 2018, and Mallory is still living at the shelter and making the


There have been 106 dog adoptions since Mallory was first rescued, and shelter staff is determined to give her a chance at something better. Mallory is looking for a home where she can be the only dog. She’d also like a fenced-in yard, a comfy place to sleep, and a ball for fun and games. Most of all, she’s looking for a family that will accept her love and offer theirs in return.

Mallory does great with children, and she has never met a person she doesn’t like. Half her adoption fee is already taken care of thanks to a generous donor, and all she needs now is the right person to come into her life.

If you’re interested in meeting Mallory and giving her the kind of life she deserves, contact Broome County Dog Shelter in Binghamton, New York.

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