Lost Dog Finds Her Way Back Home For Christmas All Because She Believed

This year’s Christmas commercial from Meijer will have you believing! When Lily accidentally gets locked out of the house after following Dad to the car to get the rest of the gifts, she makes her rounds throughout the neighborhood and eventually gets lost. But a special holiday sighting leads her back home. 🙂

Dad shuts the door not realizing Lily followed him outside. That’s when she turns to the snowman in the front yard. Then the little dog runs to the neighbors to check out the reindeer. But when a car drives by with a Christmas tree strapped to the roof, Lily chases it across town. Before she knows it, she’s left sitting alone in the middle of the road.

The dog hears and sees something in the sky and follows it all the way back home. Her parents hear her barking at the door and let her in. She runs directly to the fireplace where a little holiday magic has taken place. Lily believed all along. 😉


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