Lost Dog Found Wandering Streets On Extremely Hot Day – How He Made It Home Is INCREDIBLE!

In a heart-wrenching story of compassion, caring and love, a beautiful dog was found wandering the streets of Sacramento. A couple who were celebrating their anniversary in the states capital saw a dog on the hot streets lost and scared. When people tried to approach him, the furry white dog would dart off, but for some reason, the dog allowed this couple to approach him.

They noticed his feet were bleeding from the intense heat of the asphalt and he was desperately thirsty. The couple called shelters and the SPCA, but since it was the Fourth of July holiday, they were all closed. When they approached the police, they said, “Let him go or take him home.” For this couple leaving the dog on the streets wasn’t an option. So took him home they did.

After a bath and grooming, they started the painstaking task of finding where the dog had come from and send him home. The posted signs with his picture all over Sacramento and on Craiglist. No takers. There were no calls, no emails and no response from the Craiglist.

After 2 weeks, the couple took the dog to their veterinarian for a complete check-up including shots and a microchip. They had fallen in love and wanted to keep him. Although deep down, they knew that someone loved this dog and the dog loved them. There was a sadness in his eyes.

Her name was Linda and she had been hospitalized for cancer. The dogs’ name was Zora and was a sincerely caring companion for Linda who had been battling the disease for some time.

While the couple was so sad to leave Zora behind, they had made a new life friend in Linda. While Linda ended up making a wonderful recovery, the couple was there to take care of Zora should Linda need to leave for whatever reason.

Zora had a Godmother and Linda and the couple had a best friend.

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