Lost Friends That Have Finally Found Their Way Home

The Dodo has created a beautiful montage of dog that were lost, being reunited with their loved ones.  Losing a dog isn’t easy.  Sometimes, you never really know what could happen.  Here at Life With Dogs, we cover a lot of stories of dogs being lost of sometimes unbelievably long periods of time being rescued, and finally making their way home.  Thanks to things like Facebook and Twitter, more and more lost dogs are coming home, and the reunions are something magical.

You may have heard the phrase, “an elephant never forgets,” and science is starting to prove that is a true statement.  Anyone that’s ever been separated from their furry loved ones for any length of time knows that phrase holds true for dogs, too.  Some of them seem to be almost beside themselves with happiness that they are finally home with the family.  The whine and cry, and act like giant babies.  And that is exactly why we love them so much.

A dog loves unconditionally.  You should do the same for your dog.  It’s what they deserve.


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