Lost the shine in their eyes: What happens when people dump their dogs?

Rescuers are calling the dogs who have lost the shine in their eyes – “the Street Sisters”. The dogs had been roaming the streets of Dallas, Texas and scrounging for food; no one cared, until Feeling Fine Canine and Equine Rescue helped to bring the plight of the two strays to social media.

Tragically, this is what happens when people dump their dogs; their eyes look down and are too afraid to make contact with humans who have heartlessly betrayed them.

On Tuesday, the organization from Loxahatchee, Florida arrived in Dallas and have rented a car for the 16-hour journey back to the rescue with the Street Sisters.

“One INCREDIBLE rescue effort! So many things could have gone wrong and just didn’t. Our Dallas connections located the dogs on the streets. Caught them and kept them safe for 3 days until we could arrive,” the organization posted on their social media page. “…Tomorrow they will both be in my arms getting all the medical attention and loves these girls will need to become Feeling Fine Canines.”

Check out their video:


Donations to help the Street Sisters can be found here.

Help to bring back the shine in their eyes.

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