Love a senior dog in ‘Seniors for Seniors Foster Program’

Ask Kelly Reeves, president and co-founder of Paw Prints in the Sand about a senior dog. Sure, puppies are adorable and they melt our hearts, but there’s so much to love about a senior dog;  maybe a little gray around the muzzle, but that special look bonding human to pooch, as if the experiences of age bring about a special awareness, brings true love.

“There’s no question about the power of unconditional love,” stated Kelly. “Our goal is to help animals and humans alike by reducing the number of senior pets in our shelters while enriching the lives of senior citizens in our community, who would get to enjoy the many benefits of caring for a rescue pet.”

There are common misconceptions about older dogs at shelters. Were they surrendered because of behavioral problems? While that may occasionally be true, more times than not, the seniors have become victims of circumstance. Owners die, owners move to homes where pets are not allowed, a new baby is born and the owners don’t have the time, and some people develop allergies. Many senior citizens needing specialized nursing care are often devastated having to give up their four-legged companions; they can only hope Fido or Fluffy are lucky enough to find new homes.

And this is where miracles begin. As part of the program, Paw Prints in the Sand aims to partner with local senior citizen homes and assisted living facilities in Southern California. The program would allow multiple residents to participate in the love and care of a senior pet. However, one resident would also be allowed to take the responsibility of fostering a pet on his or her own if they chose to do so.

Reeves’ group will cover all medical costs and supplies and provide food, bedding, leashes and collars, crates, toys, litter and litter boxes (for cats), etc. All you have to do is care and add love.

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