Loveable dog is in heaven as he savors a lollipop

Koda is one and a half years old and he has a beautiful personality. He will put up with almost anything without protest. This is a good thing because he belongs to a family with young kids who adore him and love to play with him. He soaks up all the love and affection good-naturedly.

He also loves to play with toys that he can fetch or chew on, and he loves his treats. Surprisingly, Koda has found that he is very fond of lollipops.

When his owner, Tianna holds the lollipop, he slowly licks it and savors it until it is completely gone.

He’s a pretty smart dog and it’s possible that he has learned from his people just how these treats should be enjoyed, and it’s also possible that he’s just a patient dog who knows it will last much longer if he doesn’t crunch it all at once.

It’s impossible not to laugh at Koda as he does the things he does. He has an irresistible face and he doesn’t even seem to mind being laughed at. Koda will do almost anything to be included in the fun.

He loves hiking and walking with his people, lazing on the couch for TV time, playing with toys, and eating yummy things. Of course, he also knows how to use that face to his advantage when it’s time to beg for more treats.

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