Loving Husky Has A Blast With Baby Twins

Whaaa? Whaaat?? Oh, double trouble is here. The twins Hailey and Kaylee are awake and they’d like to play with me. I’m Juno their playmate; protector; guard dog; buddy bear; nursemaid; baby sitter and; all around entertainer. I take care of them and love them dearly so you know, I practice a lot of patience when I’m with them.

They can be demanding at times. You know how babies are. They’d like to assert themselves and wrap humans and dogs around their fingers that’s why they want me to come closer to them. I, however, am smart to their ways. They need to learn how to walk soon so they have to practice their crawl so I’m not budging from here!

[iframe id=”https://rumble.com/embed/vb65m/”]

I know one day soon, they’ll be riding on my back; they’ll use me as their bed and maybe someday, they’ll be too busy for me but I love them and they love me back. Double the trouble but double the love too. I ain’t complaining! Share this with the pack, I bet they’ll wish they were me, one lucky dog!

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