Loving Shelter Dog Still Waiting for a Home After 11 Years


Olive is a senior dog who is in desperate need of a home.  She is not unlike the thousands of other dogs who live boring, lonely lives behind bars, but this girl has been a shelter dog for 11 long years.  Staff at the Yonkers Animal Shelter are hoping that someone will see her beautiful frosted face and give her a home.

This sweetie has been in and out of Yonkers Animal Shelter for nearly her entire life.  She was brought to the shelter as a puppy, and when she was four, a volunteer decided to adopt her.  Right before Olive was due to go to her new home, the volunteer unexpectedly died.  Another volunteer took pity on her and paid for her to be in a boarding facility until she was adopted.  A family did adopt her, but they weren’t well matched, so Olive was sent back to YAS.


She is loved by everyone who meets her, so it is surprising that she has been at the shelter for so long.

Kelcy Kimmerer of Second Chance Rescue NYC told The Dodo “I know her because my fiancé and I went to visit another dog at Yonkers Animal Shelter and I saw Olive and she just did something to me.  I felt an instant heart connection to her and I felt this deep need to help her — to be her voice.”

Olive receives many visitors, but none who will take her home.  She is very low-key and enjoys cuddling.  She has been dealing with the turbulence of shelter life for many years, and a quiet home with adults or families with teens would best suit her.


“There is quite a community being built up to help this dog get out of the shelter, but we need to keep that energy and momentum going until she is home with her humans and being loved like she so deserves,” Kimmerer said. “She has been waiting 11 years — it’s time.”

If you live in the New York City area and could see Olive being your new best pal, please contact the Yonkers Animal Shelter at crit524@gmail.com.


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