Loyal Dog Helps Elderly Owners

Every day we learn of dogs that do extraordinary things for their owners. We know of service dogs that are trained to open doors, turn on lights and pick up remote controls, among many other things. Guide dogs are capable of maneuvering busy streets and safely taking their owners to their destinations. Other service dogs can alert owners of medical issues. However, the average house pet is also capable of performing admirable jobs.

Meet Copo, a dog from Puerto Montt, Chile, who helps his elderly owners carry firewood inside their home. The wood is used to heat the home and Copo is more then willing to help his owners perform this task.

The video was taken by a neighbor, and it shows Copo walking along side his owners and picking up heavy pieces of firewood.

Thank you Copo, for being an extraordinary pet and for showing the love and loyalty you have for your elderly owners.

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