Loyal dog stayed with his owner’s body for months after duo went missing in Rocky Mountains

A Colorado hiker who went missing on a trek in the Rocky Mountains with his best friend, a Jack Russell terrier, was found dead last month, however his truly loyal dog survived and stayed near his owner’s body for months.

According to a Facebook post by Taos Search and Rescue, Rich Moore, 71, had been hiking with his dog on August 19, along the 12,500 foot mountain trail when he was reported missing. Search and rescue crews combed the forest until they found his car near the head of the trail. Moore, however was no where to be found; crews and rescue personnel spent more than 2,000 hours searching for the pair.

“TSAR member Delinda Vanne-Brightyn along with her certified K9 AkioYodasan responded to the initial search. Delinda writes “We searched from just under the peak-top and directly West, searching down the mountain toward where his car was located. Winds were directly from the West/Soutwest. It was so steep, we were inserted in by a helicopter. He was found 2.5 miles East of the mountain-top beneath where we were inserted.”

And then – two weeks ago, it had been on October 20, when a hunter came across Moore’s deceased body along with his dog, Finny. The dog had managed to survive for months; never leaving his owner’s side.

Jack Russell dogs were bred in England for use in foxhunts. They are described as a very intelligent breed, and Finny likely survived on his hunting instincts and was able to capture small prey; all the while staying by Moore’s side.

It is thought that Moore had not been prepared when he made it to the 13,000 foot peak in the area of Cottonwood Lake. When his body was found, Moore was only wearing a cotton hoodie; no food or water was found. Foul play is not suspected.

Finny has been reunited with Moore’s family.

…glad they were able to gain some closure, as well as bring their dog back home.

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