Loyal dog waited for his owner in front of the hospital…the end is heartbreaking

When you have a dog, you have to know that no one will love you more than your dog. Dogs are loyal and loving animals, they give unconditional love. Every day we hear about a story that proves how loving and loyal dogs are, and this is one of them.


This story happened in Brazil, in the city of Sidrolândia, at one of the hospitals, where the care staff noticed a dog that was standing in front the hospital. After investigating, they knew the truth about why the dog is sitting in front of the hospital. An older woman rushed was by an ambulance to the hospital because of her illness, and her dog was left alone in their home, but he couldn’t resist staying away of her, the dog figured out a way to track her and he arrived at the hospital.


But it doesn’t matter how the dog arrived there, what matters the most is what he did in front of the hospital. All what the dog did isWAIT! The dog didn’t wait for a day or two, he waited for more than a week, he refused to move, he stayed at the hospital door waiting for his owner to come back to him, each time the door opened, he looked inside, like he is seeing if she is able to go back home with him or not.


Shockingly, the workers admitted that his owner passed away, but the dog still believes that she is inside, and he is still waiting for her. This story is amazing, it shows how much loyal this dog is. Now the dog is living in a foster home till they can find him a new owner, but his love for his owner won’t vanish.

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