All Lulu Wants For Christmas Is Legs … And It Looks Like She’ll Get Them!

She came to a Phoenix, AZ, rescue by way of the San Diego Humane Society earlier this year and the Spaniel-Dachshund mix is now on the hunt for a forever home.

Folks at The Pet Knot, through which Lulu is now enjoying temporary digs in a foster home, came to find her while on vacation in California this past fall. She’d been at the shelter for two months at that time.

“I knew that she really needed another shot at life and we could give it to her; we could find her a great home,” Christie Milot, president of The Pet Knot, told ABC15.

She’ll need one with a place for a special-needs pup, though, because Lulu is missing her back paws.

That doesn’t stop this scrappy dog, though. She gets around cheerily in whatever way she can, sometimes scooting around while dragging her back legs, other times in a wheelchair. Without the wheels, mobility is tough, but Lulu was recently approved by vets as a solid candidate for prosthetics!

And so The Pet Knot put legs on Lulu’s holiday wish list.

Lulu doesn’t even realize she is disabled. Staffers at the Pet knot say she tries to “hop in the car when the door is open and doesn’t realize her current wheels won’t go with her.”

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