Magician Performs Tricks For Shelter Dogs, And They Don’t Know What To Believe

In order to help get the dogs at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter adopted, TBS brought in a little magic of the holidays just to show how full of life these amazing dogs really are. Magician John Stessel was happy to put on a show for them, and their reactions were priceless! 😀

John Stessel would bring in each dog individually and make treats disappear, and the dogs didn’t know what to think or believe! Every dog’s adorable personality was put on display for potential adopters.

After the performance, the dogs received plenty of belly rubs and treats! And next, hopefully they will find their forever homes.

Magic for Animal Shelter Dogs | TBS

To help get these animal shelter dogs adopted we brought them the magic of the holidays to show off their sweet and lovable personalities. Credit to John Stessel and Rob Bliss for making this video.

Posted by TBS Network on Monday, December 17, 2018

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