Mailman Writes Little Letters to Dog on His Route Who Loves Getting Mail

Aside from being downright adorable, Pippa is also a very smart and helpful dog. She takes her task of collecting the daily mail delivery VERY seriously, and her mailman Mark Studer thinks it’s just the cutest thing. But, what about the days when there is no mail for her humans?


Sometimes, there just isn’t any mail for Mark to deliver to Pippa’s family. He knows just how excited she gets to do her daily chore for the family, and he just felt like he couldn’t disappoint his friend. However, what could he do? He couldn’t just give her someone else’s mail, so he decided that he would just make his own.


It’s not always an easy task. Sometimes Mark has to improvise a bit, but he always comes up with something for her to take in to her family. This way Pippa is never disappointed, and he gets to see her happy, smiling face each day.


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