Maine Police Puppy Experiences Pup Cup Treat For First Time In Viral Video

York Police Department in Maine recently added a new member to their crew, a chocolate Labrador puppy named Major. He is the official comfort dog who is already hard at work spreading joy, even though he is still in training.

His handler/dad, Officer Michael Taddei, is making sure he is properly socialized by bringing him to local event and schools to meet people in the community. He is obviously a big hit, and he exerts all of his puppy energy meeting new people.

After being a good boy during a busy day around town, he was treated to his first pup cup and the moment was captured on video. Major was tuckered out after meeting so many new people when his dad pulled up to Starbucks and ordered him a Starbucks Puppuccino, also known as a pup cup.

All it took was one sniff of the tasty treat to wake him from his deep sleep. Major devoured the snack and is already looking forward to going back for more.

Check it out below.

Puppies are irresistible and Major is no exception. Be sure to follow him on TikTok to watch him grow and complete his training. He is already comforting people near and far with his adorable face and puppy actions.

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