Make Way For Love: Watch These Dogs Welcome Their Furry New Siblings

Bringing a newborn home to meet its siblings is always a tricky experience regardless of the species. Luckily, dogs tend to be some of the most loving, accepting animals, embracing siblings of all kinds with enthusiasm. Here are some of the cutest dog-and-animal encounters, providing a charming illustration of the perfect love from man’s four-legged friends.

8. Farm Friends

Milk dog meets golden dog

Once this cow and dog touch noses, best friendship is just around the corner. After that doggy smile appears, all is right with the world.

7. Beach Buds

If the cow was eager to meet his dog BFF, then this seal is overjoyed. After these two meet, they cuddle together for a bit to really cement the friendship.

6. Hero Worship

Ace the guide dog meets his longtime idol, Pluto

This dog isn’t only meeting another dog (or human dressed as a dog), he’s meeting the ultimate dog: Pluto. Naturally, hero worship and glee follow.

5. Pup Meets Pooch

It’s time for the older generation to show the younger pup the ropes. In this case, education is literally paws-on.

4. Back Seat Love

The nose touch is magical, as our cow-and-dog duo can attest. These two share a moment that only dogs can understand.

3. Napping Twins

These two huskies meet and immediately fall in love. Napping without the other becomes an impossibility.

2. Big Dog, Little Bed

This dog loves his new sibling so much that he takes the small bed. Puppy stretches out, protected under big brother’s watchful eye.

1. Learning Moment

These two Great Danes share an introductory moment. It looks like the little guy is learning to respect his elders.

Dogs aren’t limited to loving other dogs. In fact, they’re known for their equal opportunity loving, be it toward humans, cows, seals, cats, or even hedgehogs. Although, dogs can be quite adorable when they get together with each other. Check out the video below of one dog meeting his puppy sister for the first time.

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