Malamute Voices His Displeasure When Dad Doesn’t Offer Up A Slice Of Pizza

Dogs will be dogs! Even when they’re full, they’ll still beg for a bite of their human’s food! Loki the Malamute has already eaten, but that apparently wasn’t good enough. Now his owner is sitting there with a delicious-looking pizza, and it’s too tempting to ignore. 😉

This isn’t about being hungry. It’s about curiosity and finding out what’s so good about the food Dad is shoveling into his mouth! “It’s not your dinner, you’ve had your dinner,” Dad tries reasoning with his dog. But it’s not working.

Loki voices his displeasure with this course of events and howls in protest. “It’s not for you,” Dad says, trying once again to put it to rest. But Loki is one silly boy! 😀

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