Mama Dog Abandons Tiny Puppies After Loud Explosions In Ukraine

Ukraine has been in turmoil since Russia ruthlessly invaded in late February. Over one million people have fled the country as explosions and gunfire filled populated areas.

It’s not just people that are being affected by the war either, but pets are as well. Many pets are being left behind as their owners flee, and the strays that were already living on the streets have fewer resources available.

What’s worse is it seems that the loud explosions are scaring dogs in Ukraine, and some are abandoning their puppies as a result.

One case of this was seen when a woman named Svetlana discovered 8 little pups living in a hole. She called Olena with Love Furry Friends Rescue for help, explaining that she’d been caring for the puppies for days after their mother was scared away by an explosion.

The mom had been gone for three days already and the puppies desperately needed help. Without hesitation, Olena and her team rescued the puppies from the hole, counting seven males and one female.

After getting the pups to a veterinarian, it was determined they were around 4 weeks old. They were too small to be away from their mother and needed a lot of care.

While a lot of people have left Ukraine, Olena and her rescue have stayed to keep helping the animals in need. It’s a brave and noble thing to do, and it’s something that’s desperately needed – especially for the puppies with no one to care for them.

As the eight little pups grew, Olena continued to get them care at the vet along with plenty of love and attention.

Check out the video below:

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