Mama Dog And Her Puppies Were Being Exploited By A Street Beggar For Profit Until Police Stepped In

The Society For The Protection Of Stray Animals (SPAZ), a charity organization in Greece, had been informed about a Bulgarian beggar, who was exploiting a mother dog, while begging on the streets for money.

The beggar kept the mother dog tied up, and witnesses say he was always constantly abusing her. He also kept some of her puppies in a box and was trying to sell them.

After hearing about this, SPAZ volunteers finally called the police. The beggar was taken to the local precinct, where he was reported for illegal trade.

The mama dog and her puppies also spent the night at the precinct. Once they got the court order, they were able to leave and be free from the beggar. They were then officially under SPAZ’s care. Days later, the father dog and four more of their puppies were also confiscated.

All of the dogs are now temporarily living at a dog pension. All of the dogs were examined and vaccinated. The mama and father dogs will be neutered and placed for adoption, as well as their six puppies who are all boys.

These poor pups haven’t ever known anything besides a miserable life on the streets. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to just be dogs and live in a home with a loving family. They were stuck on the streets with this cruel man and were treated very poorly.

If you’re interested in giving these dogs a forever home and showing them a taste of what life is supposed to be like for them, email SPAZ at

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