Mama Dogs Rescued From Neglectful Breeder Search For New Home Together

There are so many animals who live in neglectful situations. Most live alone, and it is so heartbreaking.

Being completely on your own in an environment of pain and suffering can be so tough to face alone. But two little dogs came through their horrible experiences because of their friendship.

They were lucky to have each other while living a life of neglect and confinement. But even with the two of them keeping one another company in such a sad situation, they were still facing a horrible life together.

The two dogs, Ruth and Rosie, were confined to a cage outside where they were constantly exposed to the elements – both hot and cold – all year round. The two had previously been used for breeding, then left to live in horrific conditions.

Luckily for these two pooches, that awful life wasn’t going to last forever. Both Ruth and Rosie were eventually discovered and rescued by some fieldworkers.

Once freed, Ruth and Rosie were brought to the safety of PETA’s shelter. There, the two dogs were given warm shelter for the first time in a long time, as well as kindness and love. The two dogs had never been apart in their whole life, so the shelter workers couldn’t dream of ever separating them.

Granted, Ruth and Rosie are still waiting for a forever home. The pair will go together, but they need a patient family that is willing to help them work through their past experiences.

The good news is that once they find a home, they will never have to worry about being neglected or abused again! Hope these two sweetpeas find their forever home soon!

Check out their journey in the video below:

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