Mama Pit Bull Runs Toward Rescuers After Giving Birth To 7 Puppies Under House

We’ve talked before about the wonderful organization Hope For Paws. They are an absolutely fantastic organization that rescues dogs from all sorts bad or undesirable situations. This story is no different!

They received a call about a homeless Pit Bull giving birth underneath a house in Los Angeles. Of course they were on it.

When they arrived – they used food to hopefully coax her out from underneath. But no coaxing was needed! She was the friendliest Pit Bull they had met in a long time. She greeted them immediately.

Then – it was time for the puppies to be found and taken someplace safe and warm. The mama led them underneath a house to a dark, dirty and covered in spiderwebs.

Since the pups were so young – they were easy to grab and bring out to a safe place. Hope For Paws made sure they stayed to get every last puppy.

See the amazing rescue video on the next page. Warning: you’re going to want one!

The even better news? All of these little pups were adopted out to loving families. I mean – look at those faces?! How can you not fall in love?

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