Man abandoned senior dog and a pig outside of animal shelter

A man abandoned a senior dog, and a neglected pig, outside of an animal shelter in Ohio, and now the animals need a new home. The Tuscarawas County Humane Society is now caring for the golden retriever (Annie), and her potbelly pig friend (Hermione).

On March 14, the shelter’s Facebook group introduced the pair to followers:

Meet Annie and Hermione Hamhock- the dynamic duo who were left tied outside our building last night.
They are safe, warm, dry, and currently sleeping on a comfy bed. Both of them are in need of TLC, they both have some medical needs that will need addressed

As reported by KXLY News, the man who abandoned the animals left the pig in a crate, and the senior dog tied to a parking sign. The golden retriever, who is estimated to be nine years of age,  has unspecified health issues and the pig was dirty and in need of a good hoof trim.

The shelter updated group followers on March 15 about a possible break in the abandonment case:

UPDATE on Annie and Hermione Hamhock

Thank you everyone for your help, tips, leads and support. It is our understanding that the Tuscarawas County Sheriff Department has located and charged the person on the video. At this point we will leave everything up to law enforcement and the court system. We will continue to focus on the animals that are in our care.

According to the Times Reporter, both animals will be able to go to new homes as soon as the veterinarian gives them the okay.

Donations for the pair’s care can be made at this link to the animal shelter’s website.

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